Lauretta Onochie, Senior Special Assistant on Social Media to President Muhammadu Buhari has told IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters that the Republic of Biafra will never be actualised.


Onochie dropped the message on Monday following the attacks on Imo prison and police command which the police have pinned on members of the Indigenous People of Biafra.


“There’ll never be Biafra again, Never,” Onochie wrote on Twitter.


Onochie, who hails from Southern Nigeria, backed her claim with a video showing the then Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, receiving the then Biafran Vice President, Major General Philip Effiong, who facilitated the surrender of the Biafran State to Nigeria in 1970.


Effiong had assumed leadership of the secessionist state after the Biafran leader, Colonel Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, fled to Ivory Coast in the heat of the civil war.


“The very day nails were put in the coffin of Biafra. There’ll never be Biafra again, Never!” the President’s aide captioned the video.

The Buhari regime had in September 2017 outlawed IPOB and declared that the activities of the group constituted an act of terrorism and illegality.