Lauretta Onochie took to her twitter account to remind those fighting for Biafra that there would never be Biafra again. This is coming after gunmen attacked Owerri prison, set the prison on fire, burnt down cars and released inmates. IPOB claimed that they had nothing to do with the attack but many Nigerians don’t believe this, this is because the Nigerian Police Force had arrested several ESN members who confessed to attacking security operatives barely 2 weeks ago. Lauretta Onochie posted the video that showed the moment Philip Effiong, second in command to Ojukwu and his men surrendered and Biafra ceased to exist.

In the video that she posted, Philip Effiong made a declaration that they affirm that they are now loyal Nigerian citizens and the Republic of Biafra ceases to exist. Lauretta Onochie posted the video and wrote “The very day nails were put on the coffin of Biafra, there will never be Biafra again, Never.”


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