Governor ‘Seyi Makinde of Oyo State on Wednesday, told residents of the state not to accord his government for what it has been able to achieve so far any accolade, just as he said, it was not his personal money that is being spent on those projects, but that of the people of the state.


The governor made this known, during the 7th annual Ramadan Lecture, held at the Government House Arcade, Agodi, Ibadan.


Makinde opined that it is only God that gives power and there is no one that can clinch power by him or herself, adding that being the governor of the state was by the grace of God and efforts of the Christians and Muslims in the state.


He said: “Where I was seated there, I was listening to the guest lecturer while delivering his sermon. Several people have gone there to speak and they tried to defend me and the government. I want to let you know that I did not give them that assignment


 “I will like to point out two major things today. The first thing is, only God gives power and there is no one that can clinch power by him or herself. Being the governor of Oyo State today is by the grace of God and the efforts of the Christians and Muslims in the state. I do say it that I come from a Muslim family.”


 “So, I have always known that I need to do what is right and needful, irrespective of either religious or political leaning. We may have different leaning or inclination through religion or politics. I don’t even want anyone to give me accolade that my administration has been able to achieve so, so and so because it is not my money that is being spent on these projects but that of the people of Oyo State.”


“Recently, I went with Baba Ladoja to inspect an Asphalt plant project at Ijaye, which he started when he was the governor but the government that came on board after him abandoned it. Baba also used the money of the state to commence the project then. So, my point is, if we already spent the money of the state, we must try to get value for the people of the state and that is exactly how we will continue to run this government.”


“For those talking about the second term, I want to say that it is only God that has the knowledge of the number of years everyone will spend on earth let alone in power. So, let us continue to pray to seek God’s guidance on whatever we do. It is the will of God that we want to prevail.”


“This Ramadan Lecture is to avail us the opportunity to feed our people with teaching of the spirit because if I come for a lecture like this, I always like to go back home with something meaningful. I don’t just want to go home with requests or a medley of things that are going on in our state’s politics. No, I want to go with what can abide with me till I will join my ancestors.”


“Finally, some people came to meet me and said some certain persons are toying with the government we are supposed to deal with them. My final word is, tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness. Another person even came to meet me that the people of Oyo State deserve to be treated with iron hands. But I am very sorry to say I am not wicked because I believe that if we approach the challenges, which we met on the ground tactically and calmly, it will be a manifestation of strength and resolution for us. That is the only way that every one of us can get what belongs to us


 “Of course, our country is faced with all kinds of challenges, particularly the issue of insecurity and ethnic/religious crisis. Farmers/herdsmen crisis also spring up almost on a daily basis but I thank you for not allowing all the challenges to affect our attitudes to those living together with us. And I believe this is part of why this state is still peaceful.”


“I want to urge you to continue to pray for this government. In this month of Ramadan, let us be merciful and continue to reach out to those around us,” the governor pleaded.


While speaking on the Ramadan lectured themed: “Unity In Diversity: An Islamic Perspective, the guest lecturer, who is also the Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Prof. Abdulhafiz Oladosu, maintained that there are various advantages of unity in diversity, noting that people with certain differences would interact and respect different opinions.


According to him, unity in diversity helps in solving social problems and promotes a peaceful living.


“Religions offer a unified vision of reality because God is one and the reality which He created must have unity and integrity,” he said.


Prof. Oladosu, however, urged people, irrespective of religious affinities, to shun greediness, injustice discontentment, and self-centeredness, which he said, would inhibit peaceful co-existence in the country.