Popular showbiz mogul, Ubi Franklin has reacted amid a heated war of words involving Sandra Iheuwa, his fourth baby mama, and Adesuwa Renee, his rumoured US-based girlfriend.

The ‘spectacle’ had started on Tuesday when Renee, who happens to be a car dealer in the US, aimed a dig at someone “trying so hard to destroy a man just because he rejected you.”

“Why is it so hard for some people to take their ‘L’? Trying to use me for clout… don’t work I am a Boss chic I drop what I don’t like… and pick what I like… na we hot we nor kee person nor be me reject you oh free me,” she wrote in a now-deleted post.

“As a lady, get use to minding your business… work hard as much as you can, stay beautiful… be productive and stay off negativity. Men will find something great in you.. if that is what you seek.”

Iheuwa, however, slammed Renee in a series of posts, while accusing the car dealer of attacking her children.

“I’m the one to fight any woman because of a man. I have never done it before and will not start it now. I’m doing this because my name is being told in lies and my children are being attacked,” she replied in one of the posts.

Amid the subsequent drama, Franklin called on the public to respect his relationship and avoid any negative discourse about the parties involved.

 “A man’s heart should never be caged and the ability to Love shouldn’t be a question of ridicule I have loving children and great mothers, with whom I share co-parenting responsibilities with either financially or physically (my kids being in my care physically)where possible,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I have a right of association as a single person. Nobody has a right or have been given such leverage to harass anyone seen around me”.

Earlier today, Ubi went live on Instagram, warning social media trolls to desist from trolling him over the issue.

“I owe nobody an explanation on how I live my life. I don’t come to anybody’s house to ask for anything. Say what you want to say about me, comment what you want to comment about me.Some of you commenting your father have kids from different women. Some of you commenting your mothers are married to the third husband”.