Members of the Islamic State for West Africa Province (ISWAP) hit Geidam overnight, the second assault after security forces repelled an attack on Muslim faithful breaking fast Friday evening.

Geidam is the hometown of the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, and former Yobe Governor, Senator Ibrahim Gaidam.

The terrorists earlier retreated after ground troops and the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) engaged them with firepower and airstrikes. Several were killed.

Within a few hours after the battle, the fighters moved back to the community late light. They preached to locals and put fire to houses and public facilities.

In the first strike, an ISWAP convoy of ten gun trucks entered Geidam, the local government headquarters and opened fire. The area is predominantly Muslim.

An intelligence officer told PRNigeria that after the NAF airstrikes, the terrorists withdrew, but later sneaked into the community.

“They gathered the residents and preached to them. They later looted foodstuff in the town’s market, burned down vehicles and telecommunications mast to avoid their phones being tracked by security agencies.

“Some of the terrorists hid in residents’ houses disguising themselves while others in gun trucks withdrew and joined other fighters at Tarmuwa and Bololo districts, few kilometres away from Geidam,” the source said.

ISWAP fighters entered the Yobe town through different routes including Layi – Kareto – Tamsu Kori – Talau Kawuwa – Futchimiram – Fukurti – Dajina – Subdu Degeltura – Danga Bari, Tumbalji – Daro.

The areas are around the Lake Chad region. Those who moved in were joined by their colleagues already hiding in Geidam and environs.

Part of Boko Haram and ISWAP strategy is to plant informants across communities and rent houses. They surveil a location and use their spies to confirm the best time to invade.