Officials of the Lagos State Government have dislodged two illegal sheep and goat slaughter slabs in the state.

The Monitoring, Enforcement and Compliance (MEC) Team of the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture also arrested three butchers and confiscated 29 live goats, three live sheep, 14 slaughtered goats and 30kg meat carcass at New Alade Market, off Oregun road, Lagos.

The state Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms Abisola Olusanya, said in a statement on Wednesday that the confiscated carcass was donated to the Little Saints Orphanage, Abule Egba after confirming it fit for consumption.

According to Olusanya, illegal slaughter slabs, abattoirs and meat markets pose a health hazard to the state and its residents.

“Seeing that animals slaughtered and sold in these places are not inspected by veterinary officials, thus, the wholesomeness of such meat can not be vouched for.

“Hence the need for the dislodgement exercise,” the commissioner said.

She said that the slaughter slabs were located at the New Alade Market, behind Mobil Filling Station, off Oregun Road and at Idi Ogbo, Eleko, Ibeju Lekki area of the state.

The commissioner added that over 1.5 tonnes of meat carcass that was confiscated at Idi Ogbo in Eleko was donated to the Bab-Es-Salam Home and Correctional Home for Boys, Oregun.

“Last year, there was an option of fine on confiscated live animals but this year, it will not be so.

“All confiscated live animals will be auctioned at the Mobile Court of the Task Force Office and all arrested offenders will be duly prosecuted,” the commissioner said. 

Olusanya appealed to all operators of illegal abattoirs and slaughter slabs in the state to desist from such harmful activities.

She also urged residents to only patronise approved meat shops and abattoirs for their meat products to ensure the safety of the meat consumed.