Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel has said he should be involved in the club’s transfer plans, but won’t cause any issues over it.

Tuchel came with a reputation for being a disruptive force at previous clubs.

At Paris Saint-Germain, Dortmund and Mainz, the German has had disagreements with senior staff over their recruitment plans.

Those issues helped accelerate his exit from PSG in December, ahead of taking over as Blues manager in January.

But ahead of his first summer at Stamford Bridge, Tuchel told reporters: “I have opinions about what we can add to the group to get better.

“This is my job. I will give my opinion when I am asked my opinion. We will do this and sometimes your opinions change and this is also a process.

“I have my ideas, of course. I have my ideas for certain profiles. It is not about me wishing for player A and player B and if they don’t come, I will get angry. It was never like this in my whole career and it will never be like this.

“I understand that there are issues to solve with the agents, the players and the interests of the club. It is not only about me and my wishes. This is the baseline for all talks that we have here. Of course, we talk about it.”