Iyabo Ojo, Nigerian actress, has hit back at Yomi Fabiyi after he claimed that she apologised to him for alleged cyberbully.

The pair have been at loggerheads over their contradictory views in the case of Baba Ijesha, their colleague accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl.

On Wednesday, the feud between them took a new dimension as Iyabo filed an N100 million lawsuit against him for alleged defamation.

But reacting in a series of posts on his Instagram page, Fabiyi had described the suit as lacking merits.

In one of the posts, Fabiyi had shared a screenshot of the pair’s chat wherein Ojo admitted to cyberbullying him and then apologised.

“Na jeje I seat down, you jumped on my harmless post and subjected me to cyberbullying which you Iyabo confessed to and invariably apologised,” he had written.

In another post, Ojo, however, tackled Fabiyi for attempting to make peace with her on WhatsApp and going online thereafter to chase clout.

“Yomi Fabiyi I ain’t Joking with you, you don’t need to post the apology conversation alone, let me help you post our conversation from the beginning. Note!! all our voice note is still intact,” she wrote.

“Yomi Fabiyi, I ain’t playing with you, you can’t make peace with me on WhatsApp then I wake up the next day to find out you still clouting with the innocent girl’s case, trying so hard to change the narratives to favour Baba Ijesha ………

“I ain’t backing down no matter how hard you try to twist & turn the story, the earlier you get that into your thick skull the better for you ……”