Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has narrated his encounter with his colleague, actor Olanrewaju James, also known as Baba Ijesha, after he was alleged of sexually abusing a minor.


In a video, Fabiyi said he met Baba Ijesha in the Lagos police custody to hear his own narrative.


According to him, Baba Ijesha denied raping any seven-year-old girl.


He said, “When I heard about the situation, I was unhappy. It was controversial. When I asked him what happened, did you rape the minor, he (Baba Ijesha) said ‘Yomi, I never did. Princess brought a general to harass me. I didn’t sleep with this girl seven years ago.’ At that time, Princess was also in marriage.”


Narrating the first time he met the girl in question, Fabiyi said Baba Ijesha told him that “The first time I met this girl was at a garage and touts were harassing me for money. How could I have slept with her?


“‘I didn’t intend to commit a crime. This person is an adult.’”


Fabiyi clarified that Baba Ijesha is not a pedophile, adding that he never had canal knowledge of the teenager.


He said, “The girl never at any time said Baba Ijesha raped her. The girl said she was not raped. What happened is sexual assault.


“Pedophiles don’t go for adult teenagers, the majority don’t know what it (Pedophile) is. Not to talk of somebody who is an adult. They claimed she is 14 but she has a deadlock. Which school is she attending with her dreadlock, if that is the girl in question?


“You watched a child being molested for 30 minutes, somebody must pay for that. He said four men beat him to a stupor when they rushed in. He said when said he could barely hear anything when they were asking him questions; that all he could hear was “molest”, “molest”.


“He didn’t conceptualise the “molest” in the face of the law. He thought it was the normal way that we play with it. He needed to save his life. Then, he was scared that they could kill. What if the man died in that process?


“A child cannot understand why you will ask her to submit her body and play along with somebody she does not know. I don’t want lies. I want a genuine case to be established.”