The former national publicity secretary of People Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Emmanuel Ibeshi, has said party chairman, Uche Secondus, and his National Working Committee are frustrating members of the party.

He said this in a statement made available to newsmen while reacting to the defection of Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“We managed our differences as PDP from 1999 with Donald Duke as governor till this day that has become such a black day in our history for survival as a minority in the South South and the current struggle for the survival of the soul of the Nigerian state,” he said.

“To a large extent I blame the Uche Secondus led National Working Committee which seems bereft of ideas as an opposition political party having enjoyed the peace of being a ruling party on a platter of gold.

“I say this with all due respects as having served in the NWC as National Publicity Secretary in 1999-2001. The Uche Secondus led NWC in the history of our great party unfortunately has brought upon loyal PDP faithful the most devastating frustrations from various aspects of running the party in spite of all party mechanisms at its disposal to settle disputes at national or local levels”

Ibeshi described Ayade’s defection as unfortunate, insulting and insensitive to the plight of the people of the state.

“It is unfortunate for Cross River State and PDP as a party to find herself in this unfortunate and unpalatable prostrate situation when leadership is most needed.

“The current unstable rhythm of war drum beats and songs of insecurity across borders is of grave concern to any discerning Nigerian whether in leadership position or not.

“Watching the Cross River State Governor my dear Obudu brother make a speech during his defection to APC “on behalf of the people of Cross River State” was most insulting and insensitive of the plight and pains and agonies of the people of Cross River State”

He pointed out that Gov Ayade’ s defection is either a gross hallucination or believing too much in the impunity covering his status as governor which may have created a fatal amnesia to the fact that there is always an expiry date for every act, being or event.

He said that in 2015 when PDP had contentious governorship primaries in which he was a participant, he chose the party to sue for calm amongst his followers and supporters.

“In 2019 when I was the only contender for the primaries against the incumbent, I sued for peace with my followers and supporters and followed up with a suit which ended up futile as we all know what such litigations in Nigeria are like.

“I licked my wounds and bled within for peace to prevail for which many misunderstood and blamed me for not following through. That is a story for another day.

“This action of the governor MUST NOT go without a standoff. I stand to “speak for myself” that the defection of the incumbent Governor, Sen. Ben Ayade from PDP to APC WAS NOT on my behalf as a Cross Riverian.

“It was selfish, inconsiderate of the current tempo of the nation vis a vis the handling of insecurity, economy, education and general human life index by President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC government.

“I am yet to see the deliverables the Buhari romance with Ayade has availed in Cross River State. I was at the commissioning of the Super Highway by the President.

“Promises were made about the Deep Seaport and the Super Highway by President Buhari but till date there’s been no evidence of the fruit of that servile romance.

“I weep and mourn because I know the pains it took for us as foundation members at the highest organ of the party to sustain unity and friendship even at the worst of disagreement between the party and its executive and the elected government led by President Obasanjo at the time.

“By this defection to APC, I disagree with my dear brother Sen. Benedict Ayade. Dear brother, you have simply abdicated your position as governor for filthy lucre. Cross River State is left naked and empty.

“If the APC were seen to be doing anything proactive or active at all to the current needs of the people towards security, economy, and total welfare index for developmental growth, I wouldn’t be in so much pain about your defection.

“But we have absolutely nothing on record to show the human development index scorecard of your current preferred bedfellows.

He called on people of the state and PDP faithful to remain calm and undaunted as usual. Resolute to their republican nature and be united in the face of catastrophe.