Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has said that there are five forces currently holding the destiny of the country.


The Former Aviation Minister who made this known in a video posted via his Twitter account said a compromise has to be reached with these five horns as failure to do so might lead to a dangerous situation in the country.


He listed these forces as Sunday Igboho and Gani Adams in the Southwest, Nnamdi Kanu in the Southeast, Obadiah Mailafia in the Middle Belt and President Buhari who represents the north.


According to the former Minister, there is need to reach to these people with love to assuage their feelings and make them more understanding.


He added that there is also the need for inclusiveness and adoption of a formula to avoid another war.


Kayode, however, lamented that there might not be a country for any political elections in two years time if politicians keep acting like all is well and the current issues are not resolved.


”I’m seriously worried about what’s going on in Nigeria currently.


“There are four major forces in Nigeria right now. I choose to call them the four horns; two are in the Southwest, one is in the East and the fourth one is Buhari and he represents the North.


“The South West has two very powerful, aggressive, focused and very committed horns and they are Gani Adams and Sunday Igboho. They cannot be stopped, intimated or threatened because they are not politicians.


“There’s Nnamdi Kanu in the Southeast, Obadiah Malifia in Middle Belt and President Buhari in the North.


“These people if not properly handled can lead to the destruction of the country.


“I know a lot of politicians will want to act as if all is well and normal while they are seriously planning ahead for the 2023 elections and totally observe with who will become President.


“What they fail to understand is that with what is currently going on in the country, there might not be any Nigeria in two years time.


“I have been into politics for years now and I have been with politicians but never I have I experienced this level of ethnic nationalism being expressed amongst the Yoruba ,Igbo and Middle Belt people as I have today,” he said.