The successful sit-at-home order by the IPOB members led to criticism on the leaders in the South East. Nigerians raised concerns of why there were no intervention from Government security operatives in states such as Abia, Ebonyi, Imo, Enugu, Anambra. Some viral videos showed IPOB members punishing civilians who flouted the sit-at-home order with no help from the army or police.

Joe Igbokwe, the 65-year-old APC politician has also shared his constructive criticism on Facebook where he stated that IPOB and ESN have succeeded in terrorising the leaders of South East (SE) to become deaf and dumb.

Southeastern states such as Imo has suffered an alarming level of arson cases, prison breaks, death of police men, destruction of police stations and a handful of civilian deaths which were blamed on the secessionist group, IPOB.

The death toll increases in the South East and this may be as a result of the delayed or wrong actions of the leaders in the states.


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