Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike has warned members of IPOB not to push the people of Rivers State to war.

Hear him

“Rivers State is an independent state . We are not part of any other part of Nigeria, We are Niger Delta , We are South-South Nigeria and we believe in the Unity of Nigeria”

“We allow people to live and do business in Rivers State because we’re hospitable people but not that we’re weak people”

“Nobody has the Monopoly of killing, we just decided not be violent to our visitors, if not….

“So, nobody should try to push us to the wall because we cannot be intimidated.

“We have people from the South-East states Serving here , when they bring their application we accept them but they must know that there are people who owns the land… It is not by our making that God placed us here but you have to respect indigenes wherever you’re a visitor”

“We have non Indigenes in positions of authority in Rivers State but that doesn’t mean that we’re fools. We just choose to be accommodating and not that we’re weak. Nobody should push us”


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