Former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Usman Yusuf has said that Igbo people have everything to lose if they should revoke their business and houses in the North.

The professor of bone marrow transplantation made the statement while answering questions from Sun Newspaper in an exclusive interview.

Prof Yusuf in the course of the interview, condemned the attitudes of Igbo leaders towards the insecurity in the South East.

He said the North hasn’t send anybody in the South, as they have now kicked out all the Fulanis in the South East.

According to him, the elders have been silent instead of calling out the perpetrators to order.

He said, every body is aware of those behind the killing in the South East and it must be stopped.

“The killing of Northerners in the East by the so-called unknown gunmen who you all know must stop.”

He said Igbo leaders should remember the investments their people have in the North of which if revoked, they stand to lose at the long run.

According to him, their investments was made possible by the Northern who provided a conducive environment for them to flourish.

“Igbo have far real estate an financial investments in the North, courtesy of the goodwill, and the generosity of our people across the North.” he said.

He continued: “If a governor decides to revoke or do any law to revoke their real estate or their financial investments, Igbo will be losers.”

Prof concluded by warning Igbos to trade carefully if not for anything, but for the sake of all they have invested in the North.

“Igbo need to be very careful; they have so much investments and so many of them are living in the North.”

Do you agree with the Prof that Igbo people have everything to lose if their investments in the North are revoked. Share your thoughts below.


  1. Please, please and please, l want to beg those making statements against the Igbos. For over 5 years now, killings by the Fulanis herdsmen have been going on in the East and west unattended to,destroying peoples source of lifelihood, it means the Northerners are happy. Never mind if you think the country belongs to you and you cannot carry them along, then let them loose, so you want them to continue suffering. Oga sir. Let peace rain in this country.


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