The general overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel Abuja, Prophet Samuel; who recently bared his mind on what he called manifestation of the flesh by Reverend Chris Okotie, after pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries, Chris Okotie took to his Facebook to share a post, where he referred to TB Joshua as a wizard, saying “the Wizard who assumed the title of Emmanuel had been consumed by divine indignation”.

In part two of his response, Prophet Samuel said:

“Canal Chris Okotie, Sunday Adelaja and other negative minded characters allow me to celebrate my Father that just passed on; I cannot mourn him, his evidence is from local to international. He was given to charity and his crusades took him to many nations in Africa, Asia; U A E, Israel and South America

Listen, white men don’t visit native doctors of Africa for solutions to their challenges, neither do they visit Africa for technology, medical or scientific inventions. But grace attracted them to follow and believe my daddy Prophet T B Joshua. Go and preach to them try with this evil mind of no love if they can agree with you; all you that fight grace don’t have a valued father, you are accusers of the brethren representing Lucifer on the earth; show your works of love, signs and wonders, soul-winning in Christ Jesus name, have you worked better for God and your influenced felt worldwide better than my daddy Prophet TB Joshua?

If not, go and look for something to do. Find a better job; a kingdom that fights against itself cannot stand; look at insecurity in Nigeria, killings, evil leaders, waste of life, hunger all of you are silent on your pulpit now TB Joshua is a topic for cheap popularity, shame on you all that cant love each other as ministers. You cannot eat on the same table not to talk of praying together, all for membership; you will lose all soon bet me.

The world is changing, lecturing the bible is not ministry, it is acts of love and power in practical by the word of God, I have bad news for all of you; He has left here, watch and see his double likes everywhere! they will swallow storytelling ministries, watch out!

Many of you already saw his living room, so simple, no flashy cars, the things he has he never boasted he left all.
He gave all till he was empty and prayed for others still he exited; they that fight God’s grace shall be disgraced time shall tell all men has a day of departure however there will be so much shock on the last day because many do not walk in love, yet wants to make heaven, God resists people who don’t walk in love, you need to truly give your life to God you walking in hatred, it is not too late.”


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