Ama Bishop is a television show that focuses on contemporary pastors and prophets. It has taken Mzansi by storm as the people of South Africa discover the deep mysteries hidden within churches.

A woman by the name of Sihle was featured on yesterday’s show, and she was responsible for the exposure of a number of well-known pastors, including Pastor Phillip Banda and Prophet TB Joshua.

She alleges that Pastor Banda, who was born in Zambia, is leading a cult in his church, and that his members are enslaved by it. She said that Pastor Banda has a bedroom in his office that he uses to entice young women into his office.

Because Pastor Banda is Prophet TB Joshua’s spiritual son, she claims she used to work for him and witnessed how they staged miracles and anointed water at the church at Scoan. She also alleges that the church at Scoan used to perform abortions on the premises of the church.


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