According to the allegations, Chioma’s husband, Chukwudi, was arrested with four other young men and labeled as “Unknown Gunmen” by the police. To be released, they must pay N1.5 million to the Abuja police IRT. Because his family had not paid for his release, Mr. Chukwudi remained in detention.

Chioma’s husband is a ‘Keke rider,’ according to her, and the family’s first son; his two younger siblings are still in school, and she is eight months pregnant and unable to hustle for the money asked by the Abuja police IRT.

While the number of unknown gunmen

operating in the Southeast is alarming, it is also disappointing to see that when police and other security officers in the area attempted to restore order, a large number of young men were implicated and identified as unknown gunmen. Setting up an investigation team dedicated to completing a comprehensive review of each suspect apprehended would be a positive step forward.

As a result, these are the two questions I’d want to address with you. Should a person’s release be conditional on his paying a particular amount of money if he is detained for breaking the law?


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