Catholic priest and the spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Very Reverend Father Camellus Anthony Ejike Mbaka has on Sunday called on fellow Catholic priests in Enugu Diosese and across the nation to speak up against the recent false accusations levelled on him and the his ministry. He said, if another priest should be in his shoe, he would not be silent.

The highly anointed clergyman while speaking during the homily which he tagged “storm is over stressed” that, he has never in his life planned of changing the pattern of worship in the Adoration praying ground and not to talk of implementation. Therefore, it is very wrong to tag the activities personality cult.

“Adoration Ministry is hundred percente Catholic ministry and nothing has changed in the liturgy. No addition and no subtraction. So, how can some individuals say what we do here is personality cult? There has never been a day Fr. Mbaka was carried up and people were adoring him, instead of the Blessed Sacrament. The centre of worship here is the Blessed Sacrament and the many priests in Enugu State and outside the state knows that and, they are keeping quiet when we are being called what we are not. He said.

He further stated that, the recent fight against the him and the Ministry started last year and he tried his best to put an end to it before it went viral, but his effort was not enough due to lack of support from those in authority. “If a name of priest of God is being maligned, can’t there be prayer for attonment? Let me tell you, I said this before and i am repeating it, those who are criticizing Adoration Ministry has never been here to confirm the truth. The enemies want to stop us, but they cannot because, nobody can destroy what is made of storm. Adoration Ministry is made of storm and it is Apple of eye of the Holy spirit. He exhausted.


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