The ongoing youth empowerment said to be organized by the government of Imo State has been described as a hoax.

The said youth empowerment is expected to empower about 15,000 Imo youths with 250,00 naira each.

The Imo State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), through its Director-General of New Media, Collins Opuruzor disclosed that over N4billion was released to the State as part of post-COVID-19 stimulus grant from the federal government.

The opposition party accused the Governor of peddling falsehood and trying to leverage on the federal government money to score cheap political points.

According to Opuruzor, “the money was supposed to be N500,000 per applicant. But now, Uzodinma has reduced it to N250,000, and the figure of 15,000 applicants they are parading is a total hoax.

Only 4,825 persons applied for the youth empowerment program. Let them publish the data base to challenge what I have said.

“What will happen to the rest of the money? Almost N3 billion has gone unaccounted for!

“The Governor simply wants to portray himself as having been accepted by Imo people, that’s she he is leveraging on the federal government money to deceive Imo people. We know his antics.

Everything is wrong about Uzodinma’s government. Maybe, the Governor has forgotten so soon that he has not lifted the ban on gathering, in line with the covid-19 measures and protocols.

“Assembling thousands of Imo people and taking a pictures of them to deceive the President is, to say the least, deceit at its peak.

“Uzodinma is endangering the lives of Imo people by assembling them without minding the security situation in the state.

“Let us wait to see if those applicants whose names and data have been collected, will eventually be credited the money because, as much as we know the Governor and his government, this may also be one of his antics to hoodwink the people of the state.”

Meanwhile, a beneficiary of the empowerment who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity, claimed the government had played another fast one on them.

According to him, “after waiting for the Governor from 7am to 3pm, he came and only read out a written address, and that was all.

“We were only given a T-shirt and a cap. They collected out personal data and promised to credit our accounts.

“What’s the essence of bringing us here under the scorching sun when they know the money won’t be given to us today. Why is this government like this?

“This is height of insensitivity and wickedness. How are we sure that our accounts will be credited?”

“They took our pictures and announced to the whole world that they have empowered us. This is really not fair at all,” he lamented.


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