The well-known and highly respected Nigerian pastor, Dr. Abel Damina who is popularly known for teaching the Gospel of Christ with great revelation and bringing correction to the body of Christ, claims the reason while the human race is facing a lot of hardship and tribulations is as a result of the Law of Moses. The pastor while answering questions on the Law of Moses claims God didn’t give the 10 commandments.

As you may also know, the 10 Commandments are often referred to as The Laws of Moses which acts as the fundamental laws today. The Pastor believes many men of God shy away from this part of the scripture. Therefore he answered the questions regarding the ‘Law of Moses”.

Question: “We know it was not the Lord that put us in bondage. There is a Law that put us in bondage as you said earlier. Who then is the Law, Satan?”

Dr. Abel Damina: “The Law of Moses that was given by Moses, put us in bondage. Why did Moses give the Law? God said to the children of Isreal, ‘come I want to relate with you people. The Israelites said they don’t want God. They said to Moses, ‘go to God, anything the Lord tells you, come and tell us’.

“So they appointed Moses as there Mediator. When Moses gave then Christ, they rejected Him. So Moses gave them Laws.

Question: “Can we also say The Law was a bad thing since it didn’t come from God?

Dr. Abel Damina: “The Law was good. There was nothing bad in the Law because you don’t kill and steal, but it didn’t give man the room to keep it. That was why Satan was able to use it to keep man in sin and fear”.

He also added that many pastor disagrees with this because they need that Law to collect money from people or manipulate people. “You can’t control people without The Law of Moses. In the New Testament, there is no Law of Moses, what we have is the Law of the Spirit”, said Dr. Abel Damina.


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