Communique issued today being the 13th day of July, 2021 by the Abia State Founding Fathers where they made a strong case for Isuikwuato District to produce the next governor of the State has been made available to profjaysblog.

Abia State is one of the states, if not the only state, in the federation endowed with a fundamental documents, THE CHARTER OF EQUITY, on good governance by the state founding fathers, as well as one of the few states in Nigeria created following due process of agitation for state creation, by the Abia State Movement.

Both the charter of equity, the abia state movement and abia state founding fathers have well documentated and readily available for historic purposes and public consumption. The charter of equity, premised on the abiding spirit and motto: “Onye aghala Nwabbeya”, of the state movement provides the guidelines for equitable and even development of Abia State. One of these guidelines is the rotation of the position of the Governor of the state according to the Alphabetical order of the letters of the word ABIA. Unknown to many Abians, and others, the name ABIA was coined from the first letters of the major four former Districts/Senatorial zones that constituted the present Abia State, namely; A for Afikpo in Umuahia senatorial Zone – Afikpo, Arochukwu/Ohafia, Bende, Ikwuano/Umuahia; B for Old Bende District; I for Isuikwuato District and A for Aba senatorial Zone comprising of Aba, Isiala Ngwa, Obioma Ngwa and Ukwa.

According to the Charter of Equity, the three groups, Umuahia Senatorial Zone, Abia Senatorial Zone and Isuikwuato District subscribed to the Charter of Equity and jointly, in the spirit of equanimity, submitted a request and memorandum of understanding to the national assembly for creation of Abia State from Old Imo State.



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