A Prophet in Ebonyi State named O C Benjamin is in trouble after his Former Personal Assistant named Kel Armstrong Amobj began to expose his evil atrocities in the name of God.

Here are they..


Yesterday when I made a post about Prophet OC Benjamin of Fulfillers House Int’l. my intention was not to attack the man nor his business empire, if that was my intention, I would have exposed at least 10% of his deplorable doings and his Church would have probably been in flames by now.

For about eight years I kept quiet while he continues to tell and bask in the glory of how God delivered him from his pastor who wanted to kidnap and kill him.

This is now part of the stories he tells to show the potent of his fake anointing whenever he wants to raise money.

Has he not been able to cook up another compelling story even after many years?

Just a few days ago someone called me from his Church to ask me to tell her the truth about that unfortunate incident because she was tired of hearing the story from one mouth.

I finally decided to tell my story, just a narration of what your prophetic commander did to me and my friends with the evil collaboration of some bad cops.

Nothing more, and some people are already calling to threaten thunder and brimstones, claiming that I want to defame their god.


1. Those who are concerned that he may come after me with some diabolic powers should note that I worked with this man for years and I can factly tell you that all the prophecies and miracles that come from him are all ‘arranged’ and ‘conjured’ in a room sometimes, while he’s on top of a woman. The only supernatural powers he has is his creativity and that of his mafias.

The two times he had gone to a native doctor in search of diabolical powers, he was scammed by the fake juju men too. If you are his member, you should be careful of his ‘WASHING OF FEET SERVICE’ I don’t know if he still does that. That’s the only diabolical thing he does in that church. You will not believe where what he’s washing your feet with came from.

2. I want to let you know today that OC Benjamin will never ever ever deny my story or any of the things I have said, to my hearing, because he knows very well that I have the temerity to EXPOSE his dirtiest evil secrets with overwhelming proof.

I will not stop there, I will summon hundreds of those he had paid in the past to fake miracles for him. I will expose how he gets people’s data for prophecy, how he plants things in people’s houses and cars, the number of girls that have committed abortion for him, including my ex-girlfriend, how and where he gets most of the sands, cement blocks, and floor tiles used to build his church. I will even go as much as exposing how he gets goats he uses for his suya nights.

If that’s not enough, I will tell you how each ‘supernatural’ miracle is planned, conducted, and executed to the cheers of ignorant congregations.

I will go as far as naming churches and crusade venues in different parts of the country where he has perpetuated such miracle scams.

If that’s not enough, I will expose the deepest and most unbelievable of them all. Not even he will believe that I have that secret. It’s the worst of the atrocities he has committed.

Hundreds of his like has followed my account since yesterday. I will not talk, but if push comes to shove, I may be the redemption of many enslaved blind Christians. I never wished to get involved in this kind of fight but it’s becoming obvious that I can’t escape it.

I know that this is a dangerous journey. I have had assassins from these evil men come after me many times, God saved me from them all even though I had nothing at that time. I have God and very powerful influential men standing by me now, if this is the fight, I AM READY!

If you think I should stop talking, wait until any of your family members become prey to this evil men. This man has broken homes, broken marriages, rendered people hopeless and useless, planted hate amongst brothers, defamed, defraud, and destroyed innocent personalities.

How many of you in Ebonyi remembered when this man excavated a small pot containing all sorts of fetish things including people’s pictures at the old Spera-In-Deo roundabout?

That was the trick he used to capture his first set of members especially shop owners at the old Building Materials market.

Tonight, you will know how that pot was buried there.

I repeat, Oc Benjamin is a FRAUDSTER. If he says I am lying, let him take me to court for defamation.

By the way, that December program he does every year, entitled ANGEL OF ESCORT is another funny fraud of his. That caption ‘Angel of Escort’ is the proxy name for condom. That was how that program theme came to be.

Prophet: Armstrong, quickly buy me Angel of Escort, prophetic food is coming. [the girls are mostly his choir members]

Armstrong: Yes papa. [runs and buys packets of condoms]


~ Kel Armstrong Amobi


  1. This is a very big fake news. Kel Armstrong scammed a lot of people in Ebonyi State and ran away with their money, he was paid to fake such stories, Igbo watch should be careful of what they post

  2. Igbo watch please take off this post because the Kel Armstrong guy is a scammer who was hired to make fake posts


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