For those still doubting that he is another saviour, “The Evil that Men do now live with them, maka na Ihe anyi na eme bu ihe mmuo, onye anyi na achuru aja bu onye mmuo”.

Victory is ours! Nothing less than victory. I declare this morning that anybody still standing in the way of our legal victory, may thunder from Chukwuokike show him the way out, regardless of his/her position.

Yesterday, being the 23rd Day of August 2021, we visited Our Client- Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he is ever strong in conviction and can never FALTER. He sends his best wishes, compliments and regards to millions of his teeming supporters/ fans accross the World, for their immeasurable solidarity, unwavering support, prayers and loyalty, particularly Umuchineke that have not yet failed the test of Loyalty. More of his encouraging words to come.

Other details shall remain private

Ka Chukwuokike Abiama gozie unu dum site ugbua wee rue mgbe ebighi ebi. Iseeee iseee iseeee.

MNK is indeed another saviour, thus says the Lord.

Obu nwantiti Oge, ogaghi adigide, maka na mmeli bu nke anyi.

@ EjioforBar


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