A video making rounds on social media captures some Fulanis said to be born-again singing praise and worship.

According to social media reports, they recently converted to Christianity and they gathered at a meeting point to reaffirm their Christian faith.

In the video, the female Fulanis could be heard singing praise and worship in their native language while the men stood in the background and watched.

The footage has sparked mixed reactions on social media and CorrectNG compiled some of the comments.

Watch video:

Read comments below…

@BenDexy2; There are Christian minorities in Northern Nigeria. Borno for example used to have above 30% Christian population. The Jihad (Boko Haram) is actually a war against indigenous Northern Christians. Unfortunately, the Jihadists are currently winning courtesy of the government.

@bimdelle50 said; This is another strategy, all the men still have their turban on, watch some of them closely, they ate not really interested, its like they just came to watch the women performed

@Odeymary_80 replied; That’s how they dress pls, leave them and their dressing and it’s a wedding

@Collinenwerem; During #EndSARS we saw our Muslim and Christian brethren pray and lived together, but our leaders chose to hate them for that.

@afolabi146; They are singing our reward is in heaven. I don’t know why we kill ourselves for one God we all serving., as if God send us work.

@Odeymary_80; I use to go watch them in church camp when I was in children church, their kids don’t play like us,they are so organized and humble.i will roam to their section in the camp and stand their watching them till brake is over.

@VincentLazarus7; This looks like a dangerous strategy to easily infiltrate the house very fast

@victorking0819; Y’all should come to a Fulani settlement in Tunga Maje, Abuja, and see Christian fulanis. I can’t forget Binta my crush in secondary school whose father was a pastor in ECWA church.


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