A Nigerian man has taken to social media to make an assertion regarding girls from the South-Eastern part of the country.

The lad identified as @Ayokasz on Twitter said that whenever an Igbo girl tells her boyfriend that she’s going to the village, then he should be worried.

According to him, there’s an 87 percent chance that her visit to her village is not just a casual one, rather, she is getting married and going for traditional wedding.

He wrote; ”Once your Igbo gf tell you she’s going to the village, there is 87% chance she’s getting married!!! We know these things ffs”

His post generated massive mixed reactions as some shared personal experiences.

See below:

@ImoleDeji tweeted; She might not even have the intention of getting married o but it can still happen.

@Spend0Gustav0; I had one, she was already married before coming to Lagos and we lived together for 3 yrs

@iamdamilosky; Okay boss, this is noted. We would go to the village together.

@EyibioInem; This thing happened to one of our calabar guys that year. A girl he housed & cared for one day said she was leaving for the village to see her parents.

Guy was shocked she was packing her stuff but he trusted her; long story cut short, we saw her tm pictures few days after

@ulsherlan; As a proper Yoruba demon too, there is a 90% chance that she will meet me married with four kids by the time she comes back.


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