Hassan Jika Ardo, the Nigerian immediate past ambassador to the republic of Trinidad and Tubergo, has again expressed sadness at the snail speed of development in Taraba State.

Apart from the past administrations of former Rev. Jolly Nyame, and late former governor Danbaba D. Suntai, whom he gave credits, the incumbent administration under the leadership of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, in his view, has continued to drag the hand of the clocks backwards.

According to him “we had governor Jolly Nyame who did very well during his eight years. He built hospitals, the stadium, Taraba Motel and a host of other projects. ”

Late governor Suntai, he said, “built roads thereby opening the state up for development. He built the university, the airport, and a host of other projects that we look at and there was a general believe that though things were not as they should have been, we were making progress steadily.”

The reverse, he observed was, however, the case with the coming of this present administration which he believed has “failed woefully.”

Wondering why the incumbent state government has “failed” to improve on the achievements of the aforementioned administrations, he said “unfortunately the last six years or so have been a major disaster for the state.”

He added that “not only have we not recorded any meaningful development. In fact, most of the infrastructure that were put in place have been allowed to waste away. The stadium is in ruins. The hospitals are in deplorable conditions, the motel now houses rodents and reptiles.

“The worst thing that has happened to the state in the last few years is the total polarization and division of the state along ethnic and religious lines. Yes, we have a lot of ethnic groups in the state, probably more than anywhere else in the country. But these were never an issue until very recently. Now everything is on the basis of religion and ethnicity.”

Sad at the fast rate the state has continued to dwindle, he affirmed that “for me, we were doing well until governor Darius Ishaku came on board and took us back several years and has planted a terrible seed that may as well consume us all.”

Ardo, who is also a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said that “It will take a really good leader to correct this, otherwise we are all doomed.”

“We have government without governance in the state. Ministries are running without running costs. In fact, apart from the state owned radio and television stations, I doubt if there is any ministry or agency that gets running costs.

“We are not where we are supposed to be. If only this government was able to build on the foundation laid by the last two governments, we would have gone far. Instead, we have gone badly backwards.”

Citing the enormous rich resources that abound in the state, he felt sad that the leadership of the state had not harnessed the resources.


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