A Man identified as Mr Marksman Chinedu has put a smile on the face of a teenager after his car accidentally splashed water on her. He explained that while he was coming back from his day’s business, one of his cars accidentally splashed water on the body of a passerby. Immediately he noticed that the water splashed on the young girl, he stopped and decided to apologise immediately.

He was surprised that the lady did not Insult the drivers or shout at them just the way most people do. She did not even say a word to them, she just cleaned her self up and move on. The way she acted drew the attention of Mr Marksman and he had no choice than to call her. He told his driver to stop the car and call on the girl for him to apologise. Immediately she came, Mr Marksman apologised to her on behalf of his whole team.

After rendering his apology to her, he asked her what she does for a living and the young girl explained that she works as fashion designer. Mr Marksman then proceeded to bless her by giving her a cheque of 500 thousand Naira. He gave her this money just because of her good behavior and good conduct.

2 things people should learn from this story;

1. People actually have alot to learn from the story of this young lady, they have to learn to be humble in some situations. Alot of people are quick to throw insults at people over the slightest mistakes. Now imagine if this young lady had Insulted the Man for splashing water on her, he would never had blessed her with such amount of Money.

People have to learn to control their temper when anything happens to them, sometimes over reacting can actually ruin your chances of getting something great. There are alot of people that curse and Insult cars just because they accidentally splashed water on them, they forget that sometimes the driver may not even be aware. Most times it is just best to clean yourself up and move on instead of insulting anybody.

2. People also have to learn how to humble themselves and apologize when they are wrong. Once you notice you are at fault, it doesn’t matter your status you have to apologise. Mr Marksman would have driven away even after he noticed the water splashed on the young girl but he did not, instead he stopped his car and apologized to her like a gentle Man. People should put their pride aside and learn to apologise when they are worng, it is better than being rude to individuals.


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