An African American man has been captured on tape confessing that he was paid to be part of the pro-Nigerian government protest in New York, USA.

In a video which has gone viral, the man could be seen holding a placard which reads; ”Nigerian Christians not targets of genocide or ethnic cleansing.”

A passerby who seemed to be a Nigerian probed him after seeing him with the placard and that was when he revealed that he is not a Nigerian, but was paid to protest.

He said, “This is a protest for Nigeria. I’m not a Nigerian. Everyone has the right to protest. Yeah, I don’t know. Let me tell you something, I’m paid for this. I’m approached by some bros inin the Bronx. There’s a lot of information going on. There are a lot of people twisting information.”

SaharaReporters had on Tuesday reported that pro-government protesters who countered groups agitating for self-determination in New York on Monday were paid $50 per hour.

Watch the VIDEO


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