Nigerians living in Libya have cried out for help following raid by the government to their various houses.

In a video sent to Newsmen, a Nigerian lady (name withheld) living in Libya accused the Libyan government of sending their security operatives to break into their houses, arresting many Nigerians and other Africans and dumping them in prison.

She pleaded with the Nigerian government to come to their rescue as they afraid they would die in Prisons.

She said : “We need the help of the Nigerian government. Look at what they doing to us. They will just break into your house, arrest you and dump you inside prison”.

“They also arrested pregnant women and their children and dumped them inside prison. Nigerian government should come to our rescue please”.

Newsmen recalls that in August, the Nigerian Mission in Tripoli evacuated over 100 Nigerians stranded in Libya.


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