The Indigenous People of Biafra has condemned the killing of monarchs and other innocent citizens in Imo State.

The secesseated fake ESN to kill those people who are not support of killings and slaughtering going on in Imo State since the beginning of this year.”

The group added, “It is unfortunate that uninformed and gullible citizens in Imo State will tomorrow begin to blame IPOB for the killings. IPOB has no issue with the dead Ezes because they are the custodians of our land and anybody linking these killings perpetrated in Imo State by Hope Uzodinma boys, whom he organised to deal with his political opponents in Imo State, (to IPOB) is being mischievous and is looking for our trouble.

“IPOB is not the unknown gun men or terrorists and bandits rampaging in the North. We beg Hope Uzodinma to allow our people be because we know Fulani people know him and planted him in Imo State.”


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