Hire purchase Keke rider, Destiny Boniface is currently in Police net after his tricycle was burnt in Aba, the commercial city of Abia State – by enforcers of sit-at-home order on Tuesday, 18th January 2022.

AbaCityBlog reported that a Keke rider was attacked on Tuesday in Aba, according to an eyewitness, the rider was rescued by the intervention of the Nigerian Army on patrol, while his Keke was burnt to ashes by the sit-at-home enforcers.

The remains of the Keke after being burnt by the sit-at-home enforcers on Tuesday

A Human Rights Activist, Royal David, who vowed to take up the case said Mr Boniface, reported the incident to his boss, who involved the police and the Keke rider was detained at the Aba Central Police Station(CPS) as the owner insisted he must pay him the sum of One million and four hundred thousand Naira (N1.4 million).

Mr David said despite that the Keke rider had taken the Police IPO to the scene of the incident, the Police still detained him pending when he will pay the said amount to the owner of the tricycle.

Mr Boniface was handcuffed while he led Police to the scene of the incident

In a social media post, the Human Rights Activist, said the police denied Mr Boniface bail on Thursday, with reasons he must pay a sum of N1.4m to the owner of the tricycle.

The post read;

“On Tuesday 18th January, 2022 at about 7.20hrs one Destiny Boniface who a KEKE Rider ran into the midst of Miscreants at Uratta town along Aba/Portharcourt Expressway and his Keke was burnt to ashes by these miscreants who wore black Polo with Mask on their face for refusing to Sit – at Home .

“The Keke rider was so lucky to have been rescued by a Team of Nigerian Army on Patrol, though he sustained minor injuries inflicted on him by these angry miscreants would have killed.

“Following this incident, the Keke Rider by name Destiny Boniface had to inform the owner of the Keke which he took on Hire Purchase. Then the owner of the Keke went to Central Police Station Aba and made an official report of the matter and the case was incidented and referred to HUMAN RIGHTS UNIT 2 of Central Police Station headed by W/ASP Dorathy Nwafor for detailed investigation and W/Inspr Cordelia was assigned to take up the case.

“Statements of both parties taken and the KEKE RIDER detained in the Police Cell since on Thursday the 20th day of January 2022 and was denied Bail by the IPO W/IInspr Cordelia with reasons that He must pay the owner of the Keke the sum of One Million , four hundred thousand Naira ( N1,400,000:00) which he demanded.

“Following this event , it is so amazing that some personnel of Nigeria Police Force are bent on destroying the good image of the organization which the present administration have taken time rebuild .


1. When has the Police Force become an instrument of recovering debt or been a Debt Collector to the members of the public ?

2. I want everyone reading this report to faithfully submit if really the Keke rider had committed any criminal offence known to the law in this incident ?

3. Why should a Human Rights section of the Nigeria Police Force be investigating Civil cases or trivial mater’s ?

4. Does the incident require the Police detaining the Keke rider who escaped death from angry miscreants ?

5. If there is any criminal offence in the above narrated story , why did the Police not go after the unknown miscreants that burnt the Keke into ashes ?

6. Following the pictures below , you will see the Keke rider by name Destiny Boniface been handcuffed by the IPO W/Inspr Cordelia while on visiting of the scene of incident on Friday 21st January . Does a matter of business transaction or breach of agreement warrant that the Keke rider should be handcuffed ?

As at this moment of making this post the Keke rider is still detained in the cell at Central Police Station Aba, Abia State – Nigeria in a matter that is not a criminal offence . Also ,let it be known to you that the owner of the Keke by name Chimaraoke is using the Police to intimidate and forcing the Keke Rider to pay the sum of 1.4 million Naira for the Keke that was burnt by miscreants even when it was the owner of the Keke that instructed him to bring his Keke to him at Nigeria Correction Center Aba to handover to a staff of the organization who is his collaborator by name Dike alias Alhaji . It was this instructions from the owner of the Keke that prompted him to enter road .

I therefore call on the authorities of the Nigeria Police Force to kindly look into this matter urgently and call the HOD of Human Rights Unit 2 of the Central Police Station and her accomplice to order.


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