1. What is your real name? Can you prove it with a certificate from your primary or secondary school?

2. What is your real age? Can you prove it with a birth certificate issued when you were born, rather than an affidavit?

3. Who are your real parents?

4. What is the source of your wealth?

5. What is the state of your health?

6. Why did bullion vans leave your house on Election Day 2019?

7. What did your wife, Oluremi, mean when she said (and I quote) “Igbo, we don’t trust you anymore”?

8. What are your business interests in Alpha-Beta, a company that is making multibillions from Lagos?

9. Do you suffer from Enuresis (uncontrollable public urination)?

10. What was your role in the #LekkiMassacre of peaceful, unarmed, #EndSARS protesters of October 20,2020?


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