Professor Ibe recalled how he shelved his ambition in 2015 to support the emergence of the incumbent Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu from Abia South based on the promise and agreement by stakeholders that power would return to Abia North in 2023.

“You will recall that it is my bid to leverage the vast experience and extensive global

contacts I acquired over the years as lead consultant to the World Bank, ECOWAS

Commission, UNESCO and many MDAs to fast- track development in our state, that

motivated my desire to run for governor of our state in 2015 under the platform of

the PDP.

“After drawing up a comprehensive blueprint aimed at achieving the desired

objective of speedily transforming Abia, I preceded to procure both expression of

interest and nomination forms.

“Subsequently, when my campaign organization commenced state wide consultation in preparation for party primaries, I was prevailed upon by Abia elders, to step down on the premise that it was the turn of

Abia South to be Governor. Convinced by the arguments put forward by our former

Governor, Sen. T. A Orji, on the need to implement the content of ‘The Abia Charter

of Equity’ document, I not only stepped down but also deployed my resources and

organizing acumen to ensure the emergence of a PDP aspirant from Abia South in

the person of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu as the candidate, and subsequently campaigned

vigorously for him to become Governor of our State in 2015.

“In 2019, when the Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu was to go for a re-election, he sent a

delegation of political leaders and elders of Ukwa La Ngwa, led by the duo of Sen.

Adolph Wabara and Elder Emmanuel Adaelu, to secure the support of Abia North.

“At a meeting hosted by me right here in my country home, it was unanimously agreed

that if Governor Okezie gets re-elected to complete his second term, at the expiration

of that tenure, power will return to Abia North.

“In the same vein, the traditional

rulers of Ukwa La Ngwa met with their counterparts of old Bende extraction and

made a similar promise that if Dr Okezie is re-elected to complete his second term,

power will return to Abia North.

“The aftermath of these meetings led me and Ndi Abia North, to mobilize men and materials to ensure that Governor Ikpeazu was

reelected in the 2019 Governorship elections, despite all odds.

“During the recent PDP congress in Abia, all positions held by Abia North Senatorial

Zone were moved to Abia Central Senatorial Zone. Similarly positions held by Abia

Central Senatorial Zone were moved to Abia South Senatorial Zone, just as those

domiciled in Abia South Senatorial Zone were rotated to Abia North Senatorial


“This is the zoning arrangement that produced the present state chairmen of PDP and other members of the State Working Committee. One therefore wonders why the position of Governor was not zoned at the same time but left in limbo.

“Fast forward to 2022 and every keen observer of developments in Abia PDP will

definitely be worried. Shortly after I confirmed my intention to contest the 2023

governorship election on 9th March 2022 and subsequently commenced

consultation visits, the PDP reneged on both stipulations of the Charter of Equity

document and the earlier mentioned political agreement of 2019 by zoning the seat

of Governor, first to Abia Central and secondly, as an after thought, to Abia North.

“Subsequently, signals began to emerge of sinister moves to deny Abia North the

opportunity of a fair contest through the ingenious strategy of anointing a preferred

aspirant from Abia Central, with the plan of delivering him to Umuahia Government

House deploying the infamous power of incumbency.

“Sensing the looming danger, such critical stakeholders as Sen. Adolph

Wabara, Sen. T. A Orji, Dr Eme Okoro and many Civil Society Organizations, outrightly condemned what they saw as a complete departure from the recommendations of the Founding Fathers of Abia, which the likes of our revered Ezeogo Dr Anagha Ezeikpe lived and died for.

” Unfortunately, their passionate calls

for reversal of the obnoxious zoning policy was unheeded as we were insulted with

the assertion that “Abia North enweghi mmadu”.

“My brothers and sisters, ndi nwem, our elders say that when your co hunter begins to

mistake your legs for the feet of an antelope, then it is time to change your position.

“We also say that it is the tree that remains static even in the face of threats to hew it

down. Faced with this challenge, I decided to embark on another round of

consultation round the state in order to feel the pulse of our people.

”Having therefore, conferred extensively with Abians at home and abroad, I want to reassert that my resolve to champion the speedy development and hence fast track the turnaround transformation of our state is unshakeable.”


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