The Abia State Chapter of National Association of Undergraduate Students in Nigeria (NAUSIN) have called on Bishop Dr. Sunday N. Onuoha to run for the governorship position in the State.

This call was contained in a press release made available to ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER and signed by Comrade Onyekachi Umunnabuike and Comrade Johnson Udo, Chairman and Secretary respectively.

In the press release, they revealed some of the antecedents of Bishop Sunday Onuoha and requested he uses his wealth of experience and capacities to govern Abia state.



The aforementioned group has come together to plead and beg Bishop Dr. Sunday N. Onuoha

to run as governor of Abia State in 2023.

Bishop Dr. Sunday Ndukwe Onuoha is the Founder and President of Vision Africa Radio, an organization that has changed the way Americans and Africans approach international aid.

In 2003, he was appointed Special Assistant on Privatization in the Presidential Cabinet of

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In 2009, Sunday was chosen to lead the Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA),

which is the largest Christian-Muslim collaboration in history. Nigeria’s most prominent

religious leaders – the Sultan of Sokoto and the Archbishop of the Catholic Church – personally

selected Sunday for this role because he carries such a unique position of trust within the wide

range of faith communities in Nigeria.

In 2011 Bishop Sunday’s picture was unveiled in the lobby of the United Nations, along with President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair and others, as a World Champion in the fight against malaria.

In 2013 Bishop Sunday received the Global Peace Interfaith Leadership Award from the Global

Peace Foundation for his efforts in advancing interfaith medical collaboration, humanitarian

service and peace through Vision Africa and NIFAA.

Given the following antecedents of Bishop Dr. Sunday N. Onuoha, we the above mentioned

group hereby demand that he runs for Abia State Governor in 2023.

National Association of Undergraduate Students in Nigeria (NAUSIN) demands that Bishop

Dr. Sunday should accept to serve as governor of the Abia State. There is something special

about him that made Ex- President Olusegun Obasanjo appoint him among his Presidential

Cabinet, even when he is not a member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) . We plead that

he comes out to do those things, that other people saw in him. He is the best person to replace

Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu in the government house.

We have painstakingly taken a good look at the people coming out to become governor in 2023,

but none is comparable to Bishop Sunday. He is the best among the people indicating interest

to lead the state. He is a philanthropist who is mostly seen making donations and helping the

needy in the society, only that he is not one of those who hide under the covering of charity to

pull publicity stunt and make noise.

Bishop Dr. Sunday is the best for now to govern the state, he is regularly asked to speak at,

moderate and serve on panels of organizations or programs promoting world peace. He has

worked and still working in various countries of the world. We believe he has what it takes to

move Abịa State Forward.


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