Anyone who listened to Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe’s latest interview with Sumner Sambo of Arise Television, during which he expressed his disappointment with the leadership of the PDP will simply discover that Abaribe is after all not the ten-feet-tall politician he claims to be.

It is very clear that he is still at pains that he lost out of the power equation in Abia State through nothing but the carelessness of the National Assembly; the Senate being part, of which he served as the immediate past Minority Leader.

Rather than apologise to Nigerians and hide his face in shame, it is disturbingly worrisome that Abaribe keeps bringing to the public, the disenfranchisement of the statutory delegates, a blame he clearly shares with his colleagues and more as a Principal Officer of the National Assembly.

The explanation of what happened to statutory delegates in the new political scheme is common knowledge to every Nigerian and would not have needed repetition here but for the likes of Abaribe who desperately want to overturn the truth. The National Assembly in a bid to outplay others in the power play, hurriedly submitted a wrong copy of the draft Electoral Bill to the President for assent and the copy they sent did not include statutory delegates as voters in Parties primary elections. That was what happened, and nothing more.

The Abia PDP has said it before and wants to reiterate the fact that the decision to use the three-man Ad Hoc delegates was not taken at Finbars Street, Umuahia but at the Wadata Plaza, Abuja based clearly on the provisions of the new Electoral Act. The Party therefore wonders why anyone would give a veiled interpretation denoting that it was the State leadership that foisted the process on Abia.

Those who have left the PDP for good should do well and concentrate on their new found ‘habitat’ and leave the PDP alone. It is strange that someone like Abaribe who has served Abia State in different capacities including as deputy governor and Senator for upwards 16 years will turn around to portray the government of Abia State negatively.

As we journey towards 2023, the Party calls on all our members and the good people of Abia State to remain steadfast, focused and determined to face the great battle which we are very sure of winning from top to bottom.

PDP stands tall, always

*PDP – Power to the People*


*Hon. Elder Amah Abraham*

*State Vice Chairman/Acting State Publicity Secretary*


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