Embattled Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, has said that there’s no plan to attack the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Rt Rev Callistus Onaga and urged the public to discountenance such insinuation.

Mbaka who was looking very sober in a 6 minutes 23 seconds video posted on Adoration Ministry official Facebook page distanced himself from his follower-Elijah who threatened to kill the Bishop, said the “Elijah in question that made such dangerous utterance is a certified, verified and realistic patients.”

“Elijah is notable for threats even though he does nothing afterwards, that’s his own way of getting things from people. Elijah isn’t well upstairs. He’s insane (sorry to say this).

Mbaka said his words shouldn’t be taken seriously as he (Elijah) has threatened him (Mbaka) in the past.

“The Elijah in question, has once, threatened to kill me if I will not forcefully and prayerfully, make him the local government chairman of the entire 17 Council areas in Enugu State. If I will not make him the Governor of Enugu State, he wants to depose the current Governor and become the governor. He said he want to be the next president, he wants to be the next Pope.

“He has said severally that he wants to remove Bishop Onaga and become the Bishop of Enugu Diocese. Is this the This is the type of person yoi can begin to regard his utterances?, Mbaka asked.

Mbaka reiterated that there’s no plan to attack the Bishop and whoever that’s planing such, he’s not part of it. He added that they have been praying for the Bishop and the Auxiliary Bishop

“We love the Bishop to the extent that most of the times, we share prayer apart from the liturgical to back our Bishop up,” adding that “anyone tempting time to blackmail the Adoration Ministry or set them up against the Bishop is a wicked person.

“The Adoration Ministry is a blessing to the Church and the Adorers love Bishop Onaga. My Lordship, sorry for all the distraction they’ve been given to you, they love you, I love you. Adoration people are your children and you’re our father.”

Mbaka promised to bring the Elijah in question to the Bishop when he returns so he (Bishop) can pray for him (Elijah).


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