Nigerian megastar Wizkid appears to have a couple of things to get off his chest as he has taken to his Snapchat account to highlight the level of his success.

Details: On Sunday, 30th October 2022, Wizkid took to his Snapchat account to highlight the untouchable status of his success and wealth.

In the post that appears to be a swipe at other artists, Wizkid stated that he can decide to retire today and all the “Lil Ni**as” can’t touch his wealth even if they ask their mom and dad for help.

“I can decide to stop touching the mic today and y’all Lil ni**as can’t touch the wealth. Even if you ask your mom and dad for help. #MoreLoveLessEgo #Everybody’sDaddy.”

The Grammy winner who is one of the biggest artists on the planet stated that he might consider opening a class where he will teach other artists how to get what they deserve while expending less stress and energy.

“Also soon, I will open a class where I will teach you all ni**as how to get all you deserve with less stress and smart business choices.”

Wizkid also went further to state that going forward, he should be addressed as sir or daddy before the subject of the post tries mentioning his name.

“Moving forward, y’all address me as sir or daddy before mentioning my name! Ok babies!”

It’s unlikely at whom the post is directed, especially as Wizkid doesn’t have a record for making veiled mockery posts at other artists.


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