“Today the Appeal Court of Justice released the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu without considering the negative impacts his release will impose on Nigerians, because it’s obvious he will turn out to be a terror, threat and thorn on the Nigerians Leaders especially now that he has been released.

“Nigerians experienced a more comfortable moments when Kanu was in prison unlike now that he has been released. What this means is that Nigeria will return back to the days of Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran because Nnamdi Kanu deserves not to be release at all.

“Imo State today is in disarray all because of Nnamdi Kanu destructive orders. The entire Eastern region is in confusion today because of Kanu’s trained criminals called ESN Soldiers. Is this what we are going to face now? The Federal government should think twice and take up this matter to Supreme Court which i believe will give a better judgement on this matter than the lower Courts”

~ Hope Uzodinma


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