“Nigerians can now see the type of person aspiring to be the President of Nigeria, a fraudster package by IPOB, some South East and South South misinformed children of hate to deceive Nigerians.

“This man called Peter Obi is not what he claimed to be. A man who has double tongue cannot rule Nigeria. He has no track record, no good antecedent, no infrastructural development to his credit. All he knows is quoting fake adulterated economic policies and figures just to deceive Nigerians but believe you me, he’s going nowhere.

“We all saw how Governor Soludo mesmerized and decimated the self acclaimed investment of Peter Obi which has amounted to nothing in the economic system of Ndi Anambra. But Peter Obi goes about deceiving people with lies that he has the political solution to solve the Nigerians problem but it’s now obvious to Nigerians that he’s nothing but a serial liar who cannot win ordinary Councillorship in Nigeria again as long as Politics is concerned in Nigeria.

“I am his kinsman, I know him very well and can tell Nigerians that he has nothing absolutely to offer Nigerians and therefore must not be taken serious.

“Nigerians should not miss this wonderful opportunity of electing Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has the capacity and capabilities to solve the problem of this country within the space of four months in Office. He’s tested, tried and trusted and without doubt the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023.”

~ Joe Igbokwe


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