A young lady has stirred reactions on social media after suggesting that domestic abuse is a sign of being in a committed relationship.

In a trending video that caused a stir on the internet, the lady told women that being physically assaulted by their partner is proof of his strong devotion and connection to them.

She claims that slaps and beatings are only indications that the man has deep feelings for his partner, and if he doesn’t react violently, it’s a sign that he’s not really committed to her.

She went on to suggest that if a man does not beat or slap his woman when provoked, then the woman should consider herself a side chick, and her actions have no impact on him.

“If your boyfriend doesn’t beat or slap you when you provoke him, my dear sister, you’re the side chick. Nothing you do hurts him. I come in peace; please don’t drag me,” she wrote.


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