Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President-Elect on Thursday explained why he said he owe the Governor of Rivers, Nyesom Wike nothing during the commissioning of a bridge in the state’s capital, Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

Tinubu who was on a two-day visit had said this in response to the request for refund of the funds spent on construction of bridges by his host, Governor Wike.

Wike said this was because the bridges were constructed on Federal road.

However, Tinubu had in a curt reply said he owed the Wike ‘nothing’ for the construction of the bridges.

Some reports had interpreted the reply to mean rebuff of Wike.

But Tinubu denied rebuffing Wike while commissioning a Magistrate Court on his last day of visit to Rivers while commissioning a Magistrate Court on Thursday.

He described such media reports as “poverty of thinking” because as a President-Elect he is not constitutionally allowed to enter into financial commitment in area of expenditure for the outgoing administration at the federal level.

He also has challenged public officers who are beneficiaries of government properties to develop the culture of maintenance.

He also congratulated the Judges living or dead whose names were inscribed on various floors of the newly Commissioned Magistrate Court Complex named after retired Chief Judge of the State, Justice Iche Wenenda Ndu.

Tinubu also hinted on plans for judicial reforms by his incoming administration to make it easier for the dispensation of Justice in country and enhance self accountability and judicial autonomy.

He reiterated his appreciation to the Government and people of Rivers State for warm hospitality accorded him during his two days visit.

Tinubu stated his commitment to be fair to all in his administration and commended Governor Nyesom Wike for being beacon of national unity by his words and actions.

Earlier, Wike had decried the lackadaisical attitude of public officers who do not maintain government properties put under their care as theirs.

He said his administration felt that some members of the Judiciary who rose from the ranks as Magistrates to Judges whether living or dead be immortalized by naming some parts of the complex after them.

The President-Elect has since left the State.


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